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Administrative Division

Venues Rental Business

Rental business includes Conference Halls and Lecture Theaters at International Building and Sun Yat-sen Hall (Art Museum is included)


Conference Halls and Lecture Theaters at International Building  

There are seven rooms in the International Building, which are:
- Two international conference halls (Wah Lee Hall and Kwang-Chung Hall, are 132 and 286
   seats respectively)
- Two Lecture Halls (100 seats)
All rooms are well equipped with projector(s), wired and wireless microphones, videotape recorders and etc. Accessible seating areas are available for individual disabilities. Bright rooms with brand new equipments, the conference halls and lecture theaters are the convenient places for all kind of international meetings, conferences, workshops, education trainings and etc.

Sun Yat-sen Hall

Sun Yat-sen Hall is the largest performing site in our university, with a capacity of 1374 spectators. It is located opposite to the Administration Building, facing WanShou Mountain and has Hsi-wan at its backside. The Four-floored building is surrounded by green lawn. We can find professional theaters with huge proscenium stages for large performances and activities.

Reservation Form 

  • International Building Conference Hall Reservation Form(.docx)
  • Yat-sen Hall Reservation Form(.docx)