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History of the Art Center

The Art center, used to be a secondary–level administrative unit named as the “Arts Activity Section” under the Extension Education Center, was founded in 1995. The Center have been indulging in raising Art and Culture atmosphere in southern Taiwan. In order to implement the art and culture works to its greatest extent, NSYSU worked towards transforming the Art Center to become Professional and Independent. Since August 1st, 2005, the Art and Culture Section has been elevated to a first-level administrative unit, the Art Center, continue the effort to implement art and cultural education, to promote the ability for art and cultural appreciation, and to devote its service on campus and southern Taiwan for the following goals:

1. Promote art education, raise appreciation for arts on campus, and cultivate artistic literacy for members of the university.

2. Integrate on-campus and off-campus resources for arts and culture and to expand interaction with surrounding community & residence.

3. Create a vibrant atmosphere for arts & culture and become a prominent cultural center in southern Taiwan.